Charity Auction

The DOOM CREW is raising dollars and awareness for PLANNED PARENTHOOD this summer with a series of online auctions that will run throughout the next couple of months. Artists and creative streamers are creating original artwork and merchandise that will be auctioned through Ebay, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

With access to healthcare constantly under threat, we are doing what we can to ensure that everyone has access to cancer screenings, std testing and treatment, sex education, birth control, and yes – safe and legal abortions.

CURRENT AUCTION – GabrielleRoseFromTheDead

Auction ends SUNDAY, AUGUST 12th at 12.11pm MST

Gabrielle Rose is a visual artist and illustrator from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She specializes in ink illustrations of horror, anatomy, and occult subject matter, and also enjoys dabbling is acrylic painting and sculpture. Recently she has begun live streaming her creative process on Twitch and enjoys being able to build a global community through art.

You can find her on:

‘Temple’ by Gabrielle Rose


Auction ENDED

PhthaloPhone, in a hasty bid to outrun fate, recently entered an unholy contract to neutralize the sins of her past. If she can complete enough good deeds to outweigh a lifetime of angst and brattitude, then she might have a shot at regaining her humanity–or even better–a guilt free conscience. 

Watch her redemption quest live on Twitch!

‘Stay Cool Daddy-O’ by Connor Billups


Auction ENDED

Drea Fekety (known as “deeray” on is an American-born psychologist by day and artist by night. Drea is creatively inspired by fractal geometry, mathematical repetition, kaleidoscopes, and tesselations, and he incorporates these designs into his artworks — which his Twitch community affectionately refers to as “placemats.”

’24’ by Drea Fekety an original watercolour and ink drawing
’22’ by Drea Fekety an original watercolour and ink drawing
Playing Cards designed with original artwork by Drea Fekety