The Fear that Lurks

THE FEAR THAT LURKS is a podcast that explores all of the places that fear hides – often in plain sight. We explore what is at the root of the stories we tell, the myths we share and the monsters we create.

Episode 04 The Spirit that Devours Us All // available only to Patrons

The Spirit that Devours Us All – in this episode we explore the Algonquin myth of the Windego – a cannibalistic monster that devours everything in sight.

Episode 03If the Shoe Fits // available only to Patrons

If the Shoe Fits – in this episode we begin to explore folklore vs fairy tales by looking at one of our most popular stories : Cinderella. We will attempt to trace her origin, while also asking the question : what happens when we stop creating and sharing our own lore.

Episode 02Now  You Know the Fear of God // available only to Patrons

Now You Know the Fear of God – in this episode, we look at the relationship between fear and obedience; can one exist without the other? We also ask the question, is being obedient something we naturally default to, or is it something we train ourselves to be?

Episode 01 – Your Brain on Fear

Your Brain of Fear – in this episode, we explore where fear hides in our brain – the physiology of terror. 

Episode 00 – You, Me and Fear Makes Three

You, Me and Fear Makes Three – an introduction to the podcast and our host, Alta Cain.