Saint Clare of Assisi – Reliquary



Saint Clare was born to a wealthy Roman family in the late 12th century, yet after hearing a sermon by Francis of Assisi – Clare left her father’s palace, exchanging her opulent gown for a plain robe and veil. Her father attempted to force her to leave the convent in which she resided, but Clare clung to the altar, professing that should would have no other husband than Jesus Christ.

Saint Clare and the other women of her order would live a life of poverty and austerity, sleeping on the ground and observing almost complete silence.

In 1224, as the army of Frederick II approached, intent on plundering Assisi, Clare met them with only the Blessed Sacrament (the body and blood of Christ) in her hands. It is said that upon her arrival, a mysterious terror seized the invading army – all of whom fled before anyone in the city was harmed.

Reliquaries are a means of protecting and displaying holy relics, often housing the remains of the holy remains of saints – everything from bones to blood. Ornately decorated,

Created using polymer clay, copper, swarovski crystals, glass, metal

Sculpture measures approximately 5 x 3 x 3 inches when closed and 5 x 6.5 x 4 inches when open.

Artwork is shipped in a padded box.

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